Léandre Larouche

Author / Speaker / Writing Consultant

Advocate for the good life and just society.

Hi, I’m Léandre! Here’s the long story short: I’m a guy who grew up in a small town in Québec, Canada, where everyone speaks French. I wanted to peace out, so I had to learn English. In the process, I found a burning passion for the English language and writing.

I was always interested in philosophy and politics, and then I began a personal development journey. I believe that both politics and personal development are vital. My goal for myself and the people around me is to live a good life in a just society.

Today, I’m an author, speaker, and writing consultant. I founded a writing coaching business called Trivium Writing and a publishing company called Trivium Empire Press. There’s a lot more coming up because my brain is always exploding with ideas. That’s it for now!