A Theory of Love

The idea of love always puzzled me. For what seems an eternity—10 years, give or take—I have pondered the nature and meaning of this four-letter word. But that was until I met one woman.

Redefining Politics for a Better World

Redefining Politics for a Better World Today, as many people do, I think politics is sickening. It exhausts me, depletes me of energy, and makes me lose patience. The irrationality, pettiness, and vapidity of politics repulse me at the highest level. Yet I’m a deeply political person. Not a single day passes when I don’t…

What Does One Have to Do?

To grow tall, one must grow deep. To grow deep, one must break through. To break through, one must break down. To break down, one must break in.

Cities Named Icarus

Cities of towers erect from the will of men, their wildest dreams, their fantasies; and they rise, and they rise, to the sky, to the sun.

The Pacific Ocean Parade (a short story)

A small Midwestern town’s mall stands for a lot more than stores gathered under one roof. It’s even truer for you, who left this place several years ago, than it is for those who chose to stay. The mall’s the place you can go to when you’re back, once in a while, but not too…

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