True Fall

If all my hopes collapse,
Breaking the idea of us,
The pain that I shall feel,
Cannot equate this joy.

For I found I could fall,
Fall, really fall, for someone,
The way I am falling for you,
As days go by.

My father once told me,
Son, find a woman you admire,
For her intellect, for everything,
And later I found you.

It’s hard for me to tell,
To distinguish facts from fiction,
But the feelings I feel
Cannot possibly prove you wrong.

And only time will tell,
Yes, only time will tell,
What ends up becoming of us:
Friends, lovers, something else… I do not know, yet I worry not.

And while I am afraid, so very much afraid,
That things go South, as I like to say,
I know that, in the end, I shall look at this year,
The year of knowing you, as the year when I did fall, fall, really fall For someone—as I fell for you.